Live life with an unfair advantage.

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Think clearer. Move faster. Live longer.

Nature doesn't play fair. Neither should you. Unfair is your toolkit to hack life.

Unfair Stacks Beta

Stacks and supplement
intelligence in your pocket.

Unfair is the first app for biohackers that puts deep supplement and stack knowledge in your pocket.

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120+ Supplements

Browse, purchase, and stack from a robust supplement library.

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Powered by Science

Library built upon scientific research and trusted resources.

A goal-based stack library to improve clarity, immunity, strength, and more.
Log and track your daily intake in your private, personal journal.
Android & iOS
Available today for both Android and iOS mobile platforms.
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Our Mission
Enabling ambitious people to reach their goals.

We're on a mission to help you gain an unfair advantage so you can reach your goals faster while living stronger and longer. We believe that in order to achieve our mission we need to build an innovative, trusted brand and product.

Our first step is biohacking guidance in your pocket, but like you, we have ambitious goals.

Founder Stephen M. Walker II
Founder Guillaume Champeau

Guidance tailored to you.

The world’s first supplementation AI sources vitamins, minerals, and nootropics, building the optimal stack to help you reach your goals.

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Daily Guidance

Power-up your day with tailored supplement recommendations.

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Build Your Stack

Modify your supplement stacks based on effects and your needs.

Powered by Science
Science-based personalization and recommendations, vetted by our Scientific Advisory Board.
Unfair Community
An exclusive self-optimization community to share insights, tips, and learnings.
Get Local
Go beyond the app and connect with best-in-class medical practitioners and retailers in your local area.
HealthKit Integration
Exclusively built for iOS and integrated with Apple HealthKit to personalize your recommendations.
Apple Watch Integration
Integrated with Apple Watch for on the go recommendations, daily reminders, and quick feedback.
Knowledge Library
A curated library of interviews and discussions featuring founders, biohackers, and self-optimization visionaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions during our research...

Biohacking is using science and technology to make your body function more efficiently. Drinking coffee in the morning to improve mental performance is the simplest and most commmon example.

Most multi-vitamins are worthless. They aren't formulated for you and will likely have too much or too little of certain nutrients. Additionally, most brands are low quality with fillers or additives.

The majority of scientific studies are trustworthy. However, study results may not be applicable to your physiology. The press often captures attention with salacious headlines. It's important to fact check, experiment yourself, and talk with your doctor before drawing conclusions.

Scientists have successfully extended life in simple organisms and lab rats. Scientific evidence suggests that lifestyle changes, from physical activity to nutrition and mindset, can increase longevity by 10-20% today.

The short answer: because it helps you gain an unfair advantage across many dimensions of your life. The long answer: ask us in real life and we will tell you the story.

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